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Let a Maternity Photographer help you capturing your Memorable Moments

Womanhood is incomplete without the 9 months of pregnancy – the very first step to motherhood. This period is incredibly magical and emotional bringing out the inner glow of every woman. You can celebrate and document these special moments on paper which is known as maternity photography.  Maternity photographer, otherwise, known as newborn photographer specializes in visualizing the bond between the mom and dad and their love for the new guest through fine art portraits.

For people looking for a New Jersey photographer with expertise and experience in maternity photography can contact Maria Manjelo, a professional determined to deliver the best maternity portraits and shooting experience.


Newborn Photography: Imprint the very first days of your child.

A newborn child starts a fresh new chapter of a family. In most cases, the first few weeks after birth are mostly blurring, at least to a mother. The fresh and sweet scent of the life changing phenomenon soon passes. That’s why, parents want to capture these moments on film. For those looking for style and quality can hire professional newborn photographers. The expert baby photographers can highlight the flawless natural beauty, the innocence and the sweet smile of a newborn that fill our heart with joy.

Maria Manjelo is an expert children photographer based in Central New Jersey. She guarantees world class shooting sessions and at the end of the day, amazing portraits of your newborn.


Family Portraits: Representing your Legacy

Family portrait carries more significance than one might generally think. These precious photos store the very beginning of a family and the milestones, as the family and the members grow up. These portraits mark a link between the past, present and the future to come.

That’s why many feel the need to hire professionals, as taking perfect group shots can be tricky and the family photographer know better. Such a New Jersey based photographer as Maria Manjelo, a seasoned professional offering uniquely stunning portraits covering both outdoor and studio photography.


Beautifully photograph your kid’s childhood and the milestones

Childhood is the best part of our lives parents never want it to pass. The whimsy, the intense and sweet emotion, the innocent smiles- those are the things that are unforgettable. Every child should have their portraits made. Looking back in the past through those photos, really a wonderful feeling.

Children portraits are tricky to capture as the kids are always on the move. So, hire a professional children photographer. Maria Manjelo is a New Jersey photographer covering both outdoor portraits and child studio portraits. She offers reliable expertise along with notable experience, leading your kid to a fun and memorable shooting session.    


Headshots: Representing Style, Confidence and total Personality

Headshots are the very first step to marketing an actor or actress reflecting his or her personality. The importance of headshots is also applicable to other jobs. But a headshot  photographer with proper and clever show media marketing ideas can accomplish great headshots and boost his client’s modeling portfolio.

Headshots reflect certain qualities of a person such as- confidence, sense of humor, intelligence- the total personality. So, the work has to be stylish and yet not overdone. For quality services, contact Maria Manjelo, a New Jersey residing modeling photographer offering stylish headshots and modeling photography services.


Professional Wedding Photographer: Documenting the tiniest detail

Weddings mark the virtue of eternal love and the beginning of the lifelong journey, a man and a woman is soon to embark on. Weddings are a cocktail of different emotions and characters. The bride and the groom want to preserve every thing about this day forever. That’s why, to achieve perfection, people hire professional wedding photographers to capture every single sight and story happening.

People looking for a New Jersey Wedding photographer offering both artistic wedding and bridal photography should get in touch with Maria Manjelo. Maria Manjelo is a veteran shooter ensuring fine art portraits.


Event Photography: A must for events of any range

Whether it’s a corporate seminar or a high school reunion, you want photos and therefore, need expert photographers. Any event- any type or size-Corporate Event, Communion, Birthdays or Bar or Bat Mitzvah, must have professional event photographers to catch the important moments.

Event photography adds a professional look to your business and in case of social gatherings; people can collect a souvenir at the end of the day. Maria Manjelo, expert photographer based in New Jersey is providing excellent event photography services and has the experience to work with numerous satisfied clients.


Rushing with the latest trend: Seniors Photography

During the high school senior year, aside from colleges, motivational essays and prom, boys and girls spend a lot of time planning their senior photography session. As school comes to an end, yearbooks publishing, it’s the last chance to make an impression, the chance to show off hobbies, accomplishments and other activities. So, the craze for fine art photos becomes a necessity. This is where the seniors photographers step in.

Maria Manjelo has vast experience and success in senior photography and Prom Photography. She is a New Jersey based photographer offering top quality services.


Boudoir photography: Reflecting the Sensual and Glamorous

Boudoir photography is a popular form of glamour photography which is more private. Many misinterpret boudoir photography as nude photography. Boudoir photography doesn’t necessarily require the models to go nude. They can be naked, half naked or even fully covered. In reality, the only things that boudoir photography tries to visualize are the glamour, sensuality and the raw emotions of the human body. These days, couples photography has also become part of the boudoir photography trend.

For special services of this sort, contact Maria Manjelo, an esteemed professional photographer based in New Jersey.